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Lee County is the perfect place to find your dream home. Our experienced team of real estate agents are dedicated to providing top quality service and finding the perfect home for your needs.


"Over the last fifteen years I have bought and sold many personal homes, investment properties, and vacation homes to clients all over the world. Having represented buyers and sellers from Orange County to Singapore, I have seen both the joy and pain that can happen in the real estate market. I have helped people get out of foreclosures by selling their homes in a limited time frame for profit, and I have helped buyers pay for their kid's schools by selling them the right investments. As devoted real estate professional, myself and my team will make every effort to ensure your experience is as smooth and honest as possible. I will treat your home purchase or sale as if it was my own. Whether you are seriously interested in getting into the real estate market, or simply just looking, we can help you find the answers to your questions about home ownership or selling your home."

Kurt Hayley, Broker

Our Lee County Local Experts

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Rick Norred

Rick is a graduate, Realtor

GRI. He has a passion for real

estate and has diligently been

in the industry for 19 years.

He is true expert in the Lee

County market.

(334) 332-2420

James Hayley

James is the back bone of our

team here. He keeps every

thing together and keeps us

moving. James, is consistently

one of the top agents in all the

southeast. He has successfully

closed over 500 real estate transactions.

Rick Hayley

Rick starting selling back

in 2020 and never looked

back. He has successfully

closed over 135 real estate transactions. He grew up

around the industry and his

passion for it is contagious!

(334) 524-3613

Anthony Greenlee

Anthony Greenlee is our

newest agent to our team!

Anthony is constantly learning

and adding new strategies to

our team. Anthony has a

background in construction

and sales!

(678) 378-8094

Rick and Anthony
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